Professional financial reporting and declaration services

Income declaration, annual reports, and financial statements constitute basic requirements for companies’ financial reporting according to Swedish laws. These requirements recur regularly and must be fulfilled by all businesses, whether they are sole proprietorships or limited companies. Reporting is necessary to comply with the regulations of the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) and the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket).

We offer tailored assistance to ensure that your financial reporting meets the highest quality standards and that all requirements are met according to the law. Whether you need help with income declaration, annual reports, or financial statements, our team is here to ensure that your financial documentation is correct, accurate, and submitted on time.

Declaration for Companies

For companies that need to submit a tax/income declaration, it is important that the declaration is accurate down to the last detail. The reason for companies to declare is that the declaration serves as a basis for how much VAT, employer contributions, and taxes you as a business owner should pay. With the help of an Accounting Consultant, your declaration will be correct from the start, and through a power of attorney, we also submit it at the right time. An incorrect declaration can be costly for the company. Firstly, it can take time away from other areas of the business, and it can also have financial implications for the organization. There are several types of declarations submitted at different times and for different types of companies as well as for individuals. Tax, VAT, and income declarations are examples of different types of declarations.

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